As a man who has always found peace in himself  and others, Panseh  Tsewole has always had one clear goal in mind: to help others find the value of self-affirmation and trust. Thus, in everything he does, Panseh adheres to simple principles and beliefs that his own mother had taught him. He has always admired how his mom was able to adjust with the times, never losing sight of what she aimed to achieve despite the numerous challenges that could suddenly spring up anywhere at any time. This is what has led Panseh to never tire of discovering things about himself, getting better at every turn and surprising even himself in the process.

For Panseh  Tsewole, the road to self-discovery is not filled with shortcuts. He first worked at the Bank of America as a Systems Engineer in Kansas City and Atlanta, GA. Even then, Panseh had felt a certain pull towards the field of technology. He had seen how technology could be a powerful force to change the course of life events and how it could spell success for any organization that invested in it to reach their objectives and corporate mission. Thus, when the opportunity presented itself, Panseh Tsewole took a job doing information consulting for businesses in financial services based in the US Virgin Islands. He had been doing this work for a number of years before finally coming back to the US. Panseh has been doing Information Security Consultancy  with a local Atlanta firm engaged in information security work on an international level