Panseh Tsewole’s Journey to Success

Panseh Tsewole is an epitome of success. His journey to success has enabled us to learn the folloeing important lessons.

In life, we have to work hard to attain our goals and by so doing, success comes our way. We do not get to our present position just by mere chance. This belief is clearly exhibited by Panseh  Tsewole, the Information Security Consultant with a local Atlanta company. It is because of this belief that he was able to move out of his comfort zone and follow his heart to where he is today. Panseh Tsewole had explored his current position for several years. It was out of his hard work that he made it to where he is today.

Despite the lifestyle that we lead, we must never lose sight of the great contributors to the course we are on. Panseh Tsewole for example, has always admired and valued the greatest influence his mother has had on his life. He strongly believes in his mom’s advice that whenever everything looks negative he must always find one positive thing and praise it. It is for this reason that he has been able to overcome many challenges on his path to success.

Panseh Tsewole also believes that the course to discovering self does not involve the use of shortcuts. It is because of this that he pursued every opportunity that came forth that led him to being an Information Security Consultant.

There are so many circumstances in life that make us understand what we are missing. We are able to gain from such happenings to accomplish our fascinations. For instance, Panseh Tsewole was able to realize how technology had been generating remarkable impacts on the success of any organization in achieving its aims and missions.

For one to realize success, it is necessary to see what causes him or her to become the person that he or she wishes. Understanding oneself is not enough. Just as Panseh Tsewole, it is important to have the willingness to risk and never fear to fail at any point in life.